Pandemic Corona virus improved in USA

The corona virus pandemic is the most concerned issue in the present world.Each and every country are under the threat of pandemic corona virus.Which known as Covid-19 all over the world.This virus was found in China,December 2019.But this virus is a nosogenic virus which can spread easily by respiration.

This virus wasn’t limited in China beacause many foreigner whose were in China in the mean time and travel their respective countries.Most provably some of them were carrier of corona virus accidently.Gradually,Covid-19 spread all over the world.Hardly,some country can play exceptional rule.

The United State of America is one of the worst sufferers.Most provably,they are fail to control the pandemic situation due to several causes.They have carped about world health organization.They Decided to stop the donation to world health organization.

They detected 738,913 cases till now which is the highest figure all over the world.They have taken several important step to fight against corona virus pandemic.But,the situation is over the control.They are trying their best with all aspects.

There have 39,015 lives lost,which is the most heart-touching news.People all over the country have under the lockdown to safe themselves from pandemic corona virus.The  good news is there are 68,285 recoveries from positive cases.

Total number of closed cases is 107,300 in which 39,015 death and 68,285 recovered.Within closed cases the ratio of death and recovery is 36 percent and 64 percent.They are working hard to serve their population.They are determined to fight against corona virus pandemic.