• Sun , 19 March 2023

Shakib Al hasan wants to make Hospital for corona treatment

Maksodur Rahaman
Published: 10:19 am, 19 April 20 , Sunday


Corona virus the most important topic across the whole world. The world most renowned scientist, doctors and researchers try to invent the covid-19 vaccine. But still now they failed and the death rate of the world increasing day by day.

Shakib Foundation

To control the covid 19 situation allrounder Shakib Al Hasan started a foundation named with “The Shakib Al Hasan Foundation.” Shakib started to collect fund from his fans followers. Friday 17 April he make a live programme from his Facebook page talking the future plan to make over the covid-19 situations.

Shakib AL Hasan wishes to make School, College and Hospital for Bangladeshi people. He has already started social awareness programme and activities to make people’s better confidence. He also started a website named www.sahfbd.com to collect fund, If anyone wants to make donate he requested to donate via this website.

In this live programme he seeks blessing for his foundation named “The Shakib Al Hasan Foundation. Shakib Al Hasan said, “Because of the situation, the foundation has to start work like this.”He also wishes to help al the people for better living and seeks to pray and cooperate.