Need to do these things,if Corona patient is in your home.

Corona virus is contagious disease. But, there is no risk to infected without come in contact to a positive person.So, there is no need to panicked about corona virus if there is any effected person in your surroundings.If any person in your home identified as positive or seems to a positive person, have to ensure five rules and regulation.There are Isolation,Safety and neatness ,Treatment,Connection with nature and safety about family members.

To ensure these these rules and regulation ,you need to adopt following steps.These include:-

1:Ensure a separated room for the effected person with attached washroom.

2: You have to give priority of more natural ventilation system with the room, when select room for the effected person.

3: The separated room have to be neat and clean and remove all types of mats and cloths.

4:Need more space around the effected person’s bed, minimum 3 feet.

5:There need a container beside the patient bed to put all necessary medicines and other materials.Patient himself clean these with proper way.

6:Patient have to wash everything related to himself.

7:Effected person and his servant both need to wear mask.

8:Maintain safe distance from effected person.

9:Maintain communication with effected person with mobile phone to give mental supports thus he can’t mentally feed-up.

10:Clean the surroundings of effected person’s room with bleaching powder.