Garments Industries are being opened From Sunday

Garments Industries are one of the greatest source of earning foreign currency for Bangladesh.Due to corona virus pandemic all kinds industries have closed to minimise the spread of this virus.After a long time garments industries are going to be opened from Sunday step by step.

But,these industries will open in limited range.Gradually,they increase their production capacity.The two authority related to garments industries BGMEA and BKMEA advised these industries not to bring worker from long range area.

According to information from several sources,by permitting from government BGMEA and BKMEA are going to open garments industries.But,they forbid their worker to join duty from long away.On the other hand,BGMEA are going to open their industries as local basis step by step.

In First step,they open 198 garments in Dhaka city from Sunday to Monday.But worker only work on three section till 30 April.From 2 May ,worker can work in the other section of Garments Industries.Moreover,BGMEA have a general notice for garments that in first step only these worker can join the work whose are living besides respective industries not from long away.

Until the next notice,worker from respective village can’t move Dhaka city for joining work.Pandemic corona virus destroy everything.Nothing is going okay.Due to closed these garments industries a major source to earning foreign currency has stopped.

But the authority have to ensure minimum social distance among the worker in duty and also safety issue of these worker is the most concerned for authority.Authority have to ensure human right in this critical situation to the worker.