Messi prefer Neymar over his national teammate Lautaro Martinez

Football league games are one of the most popular game all over the world.There are several popular league in Europe. Among these Spanish La liga is one of the most popular league in Europe.Barcelona is the most favourite team in La liga.They are also defending champion.

Due to Corona virus pandemic all types of sports have closed for unknown time.As a cause European Top five league also stopped.But the transfer window of European league game remain open.Every club’s authority are busy to choose their best one to buy for next season.

Barcelona is the hot team in transfer market almost all of the time.In this season,there is no exception.They want to buy their former number 11,present PSG superstar Neymar Jr. and also Argentine young star Intter Milan striker Lautaro Martinez.Both of them are under the plan of Barcelona authority’s next season plan.

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August 2017 Neymar left Barcelona for joining PSG record 222 Million Euro.But he is not so happy in PSG and he want to back in Barcelona.Barcelona also felt the need of Neymar because they can’t fill the position of Neymar.

Barcelona have been bidding for Neymar since last August. Rumour said that PSG authority was agreed with bid but ultimately there has no result.But Barcelona wasn’t stop they are trying their best.Due to Luis Suarez  being aged they also search his long term replacement.Lautaro Martinez is in their top list.

It possible to buy both of them but their financial condition isn’t supportable and also rule of transfer will break.So,they have to select one which is the most crucial problem.Leo Messi is their key player and captain of Barcelona. So,his opinion is much valuable then anything.

Leo Messi choose his former partner Neymar Jr. over his national teammate Lautaro Martinez.So,Neymar may be their main target for next season in transfer window.