Blurred concept about storage of testing kit

Pandemic corona virus is the greatest threat for the present world.Almost of all the countries are sufferings a lot.The empowered countries like USA, UK,France, Italy,Spain are in dangerous condition.They already have lost a huge.

Developing like Bangladesh also have under a huge risk.At present ,there have 21 corona virus(covid19) detection centre in Bangladesh. Although, the capacity and number of detection centre increase but the number of test for covid19 doesn’t increase as need.In order to induce the number of test for covid19,there need a huge supply of testing kit.

For sufficient supply, there need a vast storage of testing kit. But,how much kit have stored isn’t clear because authority remain silent is this issue.As a result, there a blurred concept in this issue.

According to information of heath directorates,right now they have 56,000 stored testing kit.At a particular day,they test almost 3,000 sample.If they don’t increase the number of test,these kit will finish within 17 to 18 days.

When new testing kit arrive ,there have not a clear information about it.According to the press brief of heath directorates on 31 march ,they have collected 92,000 PCR kit for detection of covid 19 and 21,000 kit have distributed.The remaining number of kit 71,000.

In brief of 11 April they mention previous storage but after 11 April they can’t give any information about how much number of kit have stored.Till last day they have tested 36,000 sample.According to this calculation,may be they have 55,000 storage.