• Sat , 18 March 2023

UK PM afraid of second peak of COVID 19

Shakil Ahmed
Published: 10:14 am, 26 April 20 , Sunday


Covid 19 is a dangerous contagious disease which can spread easily by coming contact with virus carrier of effected person.This virus may be incubated almost 14 days within human body after penetrating in the body.So,this time is also very concerning about safety issue because there is no way to know about infection before symptoms appearance.

This pandemic corona virus has already spread all over the world.There are millions of positive cases all over the world.Very sad news is that there are more than one lak lives had lost.United kingdom is one of the worst sufferers under the pandemic corona virus.

Boris Johnson
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Almost 120,067 positive cases had detected till now.The PM of UK Mr.Borius Johnson had recovered recently from pandemic corona virus.He had to undergone Intensive care unite for treatment of corona virus.

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There are 16,060 death cares in UK due to pandemic covid 19.They had under the strict lock down rule to minimise the rapid spread of corona virus.Right now,they are considering to modified the strict rule of lock down.

But,Mr.Boris Johnson has told his colleagues that relaxing lockdown measures too soon could lead to a seconds outbreak of corona virus.He thought to have told his deputy Mr.Raab and other officials via video that his priority was to stop the seconds peak of corona virus.