India is aware about plasma therapy for corona treatment

Although plasma therapy in the treatment corona virus  raises hopes, this method is still at an experimental stage.It may also death of the patient.The union ministry of heath gave these information in their daily briefing on Tuesday. A  senior ministry said that it was not time to say for sure that corona would recover from plasma therapy.

The Indian council of medical research(ICMR) is conducting the test across the country.Plasma therapy has yielded some positive results in Delhi.Due to this reason the Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has requested to donate blood and plasma to the patients who have already recovered.

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Many have came forward.In the mean time, they warned about plasma therapy.However, the union ministry of health and family welfare said that patients with lesser or slightly infected of corona virus or suspended cases could be treated at home from now.No need to be taken hospital or covid centre.

On April 7, they informed that all suspicious and tested corona patients should be took the medical centre.

A new notification was issued today stating that those who have a mild infection or are suspected of having a cold can be treated at home.Only a few infected people can be kept at home where it is possible to observe the patient separately.Everyone in the house who is contact with the person should take medicine as per the advice of the doctor.