Corona infections in the USA exceeded one million

When the most effected European countries by corona virus epidemic are looking for possible ways out of the lock down situation, then the number of infected people with the corona virus in the united state has surpassed one million.If lock down revoke from the countries ,there have a possibility that there may rapid spread of corona virus.

The use of face masks has been made mandatory in all shops in Germany on Wednesday. According to AFP 214,000 people had been died due to corona virus pandemic.One third of it in the united states.Besides, almost one lakh people are now jobless due to corona situation in this countries.Many forecasts warn that the worst recession of a century is coming, with travel and tourism severely affected by demand for goods.

British Airways recently warned that one third of their staffs would be laid off.Lebanon has seen more economical crisis.The French prime minister said that the current slowdown in economic activity is also risky. Schools,Shops,Markets are opening in France from next month.

It is becoming mandatory to wear mask while travelling there.In Germany, the use of masks has been mandatory in public transports as well as in shops.Spain,Italy and France are the biggest losers in Europe.

More than 23,000 people have died in each countries.The AFP news reported that more than tree million people have effected by corona virus which spread from Wuhan, China in December last year.