7 easy ways to boost immunity during pandemic corona disease

We all know that the rules to prevent corona virus infection. Like repeatedly washing hand by soap,using hand gloves,face mask,maintaining a distance of three mitres from each others,refraining from touching the face etc.These guidelines are very much important to prevent corona virus infection.However,it is difficult to say how well people are following these guidelines or how long they able to follow these guidelines.

Many of  us may be infected with corona virus in future.So,there is time to think,if we get infected with this virus,then how to do with our body for fighting against this virus.So that,we can recover as fast as like the people all over the world.

Corona virus mainly damage our lung and heart. Those who died in Chine and Italy didn’t die because of only their over age.Most of them had already lungs and heart problems.These problems are also quite prevalent the elderly in our country.

But the fear is that developing countries like Bangladesh,the young generation have some complications.These complications include followings:

1.Weak lungs due to due to excessive air pollution,chain smoking etc.

2.Lungs diseases like asthma which in common for almost all aged people in our country.

3.High blood pressure and Diabetes, these diseases are also prevalent among young people in Bangladesh.

4.Poor immunity due to unhealthy diet,lack of exercise,unplanned use of antibiotic because there have no hospital pharmacist for guideline to use antibiotics.

So,there is no right to think that you are in safe hand due to your young age. Whether you are young or old, now the important question is-how can we prepare ourselves?How can we improve our immunity?There have 7 important suggestion for you to improve your immunity.These are:

1.Stop smoking from today.

2.Control your high blood pressure and diabetes.

3.Intake vegetables and fruits regularly.

4.Quit drinking

5.Get enough sleep.

6.Take exercise in regular basis.

7.Don’t worry.

If you can follow these suggestion,you can boast up your immunity to fight against corona virus pandemic.