Half of total death in Capital City

There have almost 53 death cases in the capital city due to breakout of pandemic corona virus which is the half of total death cases of whole country.In only old Dhaka there have 25 death cases.

last 8 march,very first positive had detected in Bangladesh.Very first death case was 18 march in the country who was the resident of Dhaka city.Till last Monday there have total number of positive cases is 1,174 which is the 35 percent of whole country cases.

The death cases of capital city is 48 percent of whole death cases in the country.According to the information of IEDCR,till now there had total 110 death cases due to corona infection in the country.According to the report of Dhaka Metropolitan police,maximum 18 death cases had in the Lalbagh division(for giving proper service police forces divided the whole city in 8 division).

Covid19 Dhaka City

The Sub Commissioner of police of Lalbagh division said that some of the area of this division are very congested.The resident of these area are not so aware about corona virus pandemic.They have no tendency to maintain minimum social distance which is the main aspects of fight against corona virus still now.In Mirpur Division there had 12 death cases in which 7 cases in pallobi Tana. These person were aged male.

In Gulshan division there have 5 death cases in which 2 were in Badda. The former scientific personnel of IEDCR Mr.Mostak Hossain said that there have some cluster in Dhaka city. community transmission have occurred rapidly which is the threat for us.