Latest update of corona pandemic in Bangladesh

Pandemic corona virus is the most concerned issue all over the world. Bangladesh is also under the threat of corona virus.Day by day this virus enlarge it’s area of infection.Few days ago only capital city of the country was the hot spot.But this virus can spread easily. Now-a-days out of the Dhaka city,Chittagong and Mymensing is being hot spot.

The number of infected person are increasing day by day is these regional area.Also Rangpur and Barishal division are under the risk because the tendency of increasing the infection of corona virus induced day by day.

Fortunately,In Sylhet ,Khulna and Rajshahi division are in safe position because the infection of corona virus is less in these area.From very first infection,The number of patients maximum in the capital city(Dhaka).

Still now,84% of total infection occurred in  Dhaka division.Very first corona virus infection was detected in Bangladesh last 8 march.From very first detection to 46th days ,this virus have spread almost 58 district among 64 district in this country.

Within last 24 hours, three district have included the list.These district are Kusthia,Maghura and Meherpur.There have 6 infection free district in Bangladesh.These include vula,Jinaidah,Rangamati,Khagrachori,Natore,Shatkhira.

Till last day,there have total 3,772 infected cases in Bangladesh.Among these maximum are in Dhaka division.Which stands as 41% of total cases.After Dhaka,Narayongonj is in the second position.In Narayongonj total number of cases is 508.Gazipur, Kisorgonj and Norshindi are in 3rd,4th and 5th position with 269,1146 and 136 cases.