• Sun , 19 March 2023

Spanish children allowed to go outside after a long time

Shakil Ahmed
Published: 8:48 pm, 21 April 20 , Tuesday


There is a good news for Spain.Spanish prime minister has given an absolute good news to the Spanish population. Due to corona virus pandemic they have undergone lock down.Their population kept then in home and they have no right to go outside the home as they can minimise the spread of pandemic corona virus.

Spanish PM Pedro Sunchez give permission to outside the home only for children after a long time.They have been kept at home since 14  march due to pandemic corona virus.Now prime minister aim to relax their children for get some fresh air.

Spanish children

Also Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau relax their strict lock down rule.He has a young children himself.Spain is one of the worst sufferers of pandemic Covid-19.Almost over than 20,000 deaths since very first identification of positive case.

There are almost 200,000 positive cases detection in Spain since started pandemic corona virus in Spain.They have suffered a lot.Their situation was out of control but they were determined to fight against pandemic corona virus.Finally there is a good news to relax their lock down for children.

In a briefing on saturday evening ,The PM of Spain said that Spain had overcome the most extreme moments.They had fight a lot against corona virus pandemic to control the situation.In Spain the figure of corona virus detection and death curve are getting downward day by day.

There is also a social and political pressure on prime minister Sunchez to to allow children to go outside the home for getting refresh.Opposition leader also tweeted about relaxing the strict lock down for children.