Complain against IEDCR for Complications with the corona test

Many people try to corona test but can’t get the opportunity to identify cause of limitation of test in IEDCR. From these some of people who have taken the test but do not know the results. The pile of collected samples in a few laboratories is increasing day by day. Talking to government officials, victims and laboratory-related people found these such type of complications in corona test.

Complaint have been raised that due to lack of proper planning in corona test people suffering in these issues. Health ministry can’t realise the enormity of the problems. Although a little bit late the ministry of health increasing the number of testing. The don’t bother to collect sample and the quality of sample.Experts say the issues should need to be reviewed as soon as possible and taken action accordingly.


Before declared the corona situation as global pandemic The World Health Organization(WHO) pursing for diagnostic tests more and more.

WHO says “firstly the disease needs to be identified properly for treatment and prevention of infection.”

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Example of the Complication of Diagnostic Test

In the Capital of Bangladesh people are mostly affected in coronavirus.Three members of a family in Mominbagh in the capital city of Bangladesh have been suffering from fever and sore throat for several days and they contact with IEDCR in several times for testing coronavirus but they don’t get any response from this institutions.

Last week in Mirpur-11 an women die of corona symptoms but IEDCR don’t collect any sample for testing. Some members of this family still suffering from fever and sore throat. They contact with IEDCR but they don’t get any response from this respected institutions.