The Journey of Sabbir Rayhan the Bright Star of Youth

Bangladesh is moving forward holding the hands of young generation like Sabbir Rayhan. Sabbir Rayhan is a rising young star in Bangladesh. He started his journey as a digital marketer, blogger and social media activities. He is a Digital Marketing Expert with over 8 years of experience. At the age of 21, Sabbir made his debut as an established man. He is currently the CEO of “News Bangla”, Advisor of “City24News” and Founder of “Bdbazar Patrika”. Sabbir Rayhan is the inspiration of millions of young people like him. But the way of success was not easy. Behind his success there was rigorous diligence, perseverance and sacrifice. This is the manner of motivation for many young people.

Sabbir Rayhan is a Bangladeshi Entrepreneur. He was born in Two thousand (2000) in Pabna, Bangladesh. At the age of 21, he took over the responsibility of his family and traveled abroad with his own fund. Which is really amazing. 8 0years ago he started his career in digital marketing. Utilizing internet and online based digital technologies such as desktop, computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platform. Sabbir Rayhan stated his earning source in his student life. Gradually, he took training in digital marketing courses like Social Media Marketing, Building up marketing content, Google ads, Email marketing, Lead generation, Website and blogging promotion, Video marketing, Search engine optimization etc. On that time 2013, he established News Bangla site which is now very popular like other news portal sites. On his news portal site, he deliver reliable news about National and International politics, Entertainment, Social issues, Sports etc. Here all different news categories can be found in one website.

Without these Sabbir is also deeply involved with City24News which also a news portal having with Sports, Entertainment, National and International news. Now it is also a most popular news portal. Another one is where he is holding an important position. This site publish the latest news of Bangladesh and World Cricket and here one can get cricket live score. Establishing a successful site is a long run process but Sabbir Rayhan has tried best and gave his best effort for building his popular website.

After starting his career in 2013, Sabbir Rayhan did not have to look back and he never became depressed. But the young people like him of our country are drowning in despair and anxiety about their career because scarcity of job. As Sabbir, It will be a foolishness if anyone waste time waiting for a job. According to him, a person can easily earn a minimum 20,000 Taka to 100,000 Taka per month based on his/her experience working in digital marketing. Digital marketing works for every types of business. It doesn’t matter if you have a small marketing firm or a global company. Just keep mind ones business goals and craft digital marketing strategy. There is a lot of work to be done and have chance to earn good salary globally in the digital marketing sector if one is focused on his work deeply and can give the buyer perfect work.

Sabbir Rayhan is a dreamy man. At a young age, he has walked on the path of his dreams. Success did not come overnight in the hands of this bright start. He was focused on his goal from the beginning and was very much attentive to his work. According to his success lies in honesty, diligence and patience.