Nasir Uddin Patoary: A True Leader

A man grows not in the shape of his eyes, but in the shape of his own dreams. The desire to grow up, the passion, the inspiration, as well as the relentless pursuit of the desired dream, can take an empty-handed person to the ultimate limit of success – the boundaries that can be enjoyed and reminiscent of the miserable days left behind. This is the place where one can forget countless people and the unwanted moments associated with them instead of just a smile.

With so many heavy words and twists, my pen is moving forward to speak about an ordinary young man growing up on the banks of the river Gomoti. As in the past, I would say that extraordinary people have two things in common. Either they grew up on the slopes of a mountain as a child or as a teenager drowning themselves in the tides of a river. I will write in the second margin now! The boundaries of his dreams might have been limited to the ordinary cherished possessions or desires of middle-class life. But ‘No’! The flowing blood of the engineer father and the teacher mother beats the streams of the river where he grew up. So, he voluntarily built his friendship with some of the boundaries of life that forced him to surrender to the unwritten agreement for the welfare of the country and the nation.

At a very young age, probably in one of the secondary classes, in a chat room of teachers and students he was asked what he wants to be when he would grow up. Without any hesitation and delay, the innocent child said, “I want to be strong.” The whole class laughed out loud. The childish mind then knew that when he would be strong, he can become a savior for people in reality like the story titled ‘Shaktimaan’ shown on the TV screen! A world of lasting peace can be built in an instant by overcoming misery. On that day, due to the contemptuous laughter of everyone in the class, the fear of something unknown may have arisen in the child’s mind, the question came why everyone is ignoring in such a way. Maybe his two eyes were drowning in the warmth of a slightly tears. But today, all those classmates, those old class masters who dreamed that someone would come and tell the story of a new life, they would look at themselves with tears in their eyes in peace, from that little child to today’s mature example- towards the reflection of such determination.

Yes! I was talking about Nasir Uddin Patoary- who is simultaneously an editor, an enterprising businessman as well as an inspiration to hundreds of young entrepreneurs. His youth empowers those disoriented youth – who may never have been enterprising, never pioneered to be entrepreneurs. They also dream today, dare to take risks, they also see where the steps of life lead their initiatives, their efforts. Let us know that a number of enterprising organizations in the country have set an example by pointing fingers at the initiatives and institutions he has taken. Let us know a few things about the one who guides us to follow the path by thinking of imitation.

After completing his secondary education from Mochagarha Adarsha High School in Comilla district, he moved to Dhaka where the next step in his life begins. To pursue formal education, after completing a diploma and then a bachelor’s degree from a polytechnic institution, he became involved in the possibilities of information and technology sector. Starting a career as a freelancer in smaller scale, it copes with the ups and downs and focuses on a variety of applied technologies and its related contents. Although ‘Barta Bazar’ is considered to be the first step he has taken, in fact, his earlier walk was a tourism-centric online service ‘Travel Holiday BD’. Though it was not widely known, but it undoubtedly gained confidence and trust in the corporate world in a very short time.

At the beginning of the second decade of the current century, when information and technology was advancing at a rapid pace, the country’s first registered online portal ‘Barta Bazar’ was launched with the help of a partner freelancer- aimed at bringing the media closer to the oppressed masses from a humanitarian point of view. Its main objective was to raise the voice of the people as a means to realize the rights of the people of the country and to reach the doorsteps of the people by getting the fair availability from their own country, people’s representatives or the state. The reflection of time is the main theme of ‘Barta Bazar’ that has been going on for almost a decade, the media workers who will not be jealous of the success of the online portal is very insignificant. It may be hard to believe how a media outlet that is constantly in the throes of retaliation can hold its own with such determination. Even on this day when it is easiest to be sold, there is a mass media like ‘Barta Bazar’, which has overcome all adversities at the cost of its own integrity. In the era of free flow of information and technology, he has institutionalized himself in cyber security knowledge and ICT development projects. He formed an IT company to provide online services to multiple companies in home and abroad which is known as ICT market. The country’s reputations for ICT development and foreign remittances have undoubtedly set an example for newcomers to the ICT industry.

Once, as a tourist who is keen on travel, while shopping in a reputed shopping mall in abroad, he sees that some leather goods are being sold at skyscraper prices which can be produced in our country. These are very commonly bought by tourists from our country and abroad without any hesitations. Being an entrepreneur of domestic goods, he immediately returns to the country and launches a manufacturing, selling and marketing company of leather goods named ‘Leather Pro’, which is the mother vendor of all leather goods marketing companies involved in E-commerce and F-commerce. As a patron of more than half a hundred companies in the country who have created a market for leather goods and products through E-commerce and delivering them at low prices to customers, he has simultaneously landed himself and his company in a three-dimensional role known as ‘Leather Pro’.

He established a travel-based platform called Trip71 to bring Bangladesh’s tourism industry on a larger scale and with easier service. Through this, even an ordinary working person with a very low income can become his own travel planner without using any organization or agency, using his general knowledge and focusing on his smart phone.

“We have the highest and longest beach in the world where the potential of the tourism industry is as high as that of any other country in Asia. Yet we may be lagging behind due to lack of proper management. Trip 71 alone is able to take responsibility for part of the passage. I want to change the rest by working together gradually with the cooperation of all concerned. At the same time, we want to prove that, like the neighboring countries, we are able to earn billions of dollars a year from the tourism sector”- says Mr. Nasir Uddin Patwari.

While questioning about ‘Barta Bazar’, he said that he has extensive plans in this regard which is really different and unique than any other media in the country. He says- “We are going to start a new revolution through news, which will undoubtedly go beyond the conventional concept and start a new era. Usually when we hear of any online portal, most of us give less importance to these media, which may be true for a few portals in some cases, but we are working to change this perception. We want to reach every village and even the region of Bangladesh in such a way that every person in the country can think of ‘Barta Bazar’ as its self-spokesperson. People can even choose us as the closest platform to say their own words.”

As a spokesperson for Entrepreneurs, he brings up some valuable statements while analyzing his role in discussing more issues that really provide thoughts. That is the way an imitative person should speak. As he said at the end of the speech-

“We don’t really know how to dream. Because, I don’t remember if I have ever seen such a promising country like us among the countries I have visited. Everything needed for the self-reliance of a citizen of a country is in full swing here. In our country, seeds of any crop can still be planted on any land if desired which may not be possible in our neighboring countries. This is because, in order to set the production and its exact target, a small farmer in that country needs the permission of the government office to grow the crop on his own land and sell it which is not necessary in our country; rather our regular farmers are provided with incentives here. The adequate benefits given to a farmer in this country are rare in any other country in the world. There are various polytechnics, including Open University who offer study opportunities as well as job opportunities and guarantees to continue studying at low cost. I often hear that there is no job. In fact, there are no qualified candidates for the job. Because, it is really rare for an organization to give back to a person if he is really qualified. Of course, this is different in the case of government jobs. Moreover, in a country where you can enjoy uninterrupted internet facility for only five hundred Taka, it is unbelievable to think that there will be no facilities for an explorer. Notice me, how much money did I bring to this city? Maybe there was no car rental to return home. So was I stopped? No! I came out of the job of a salesman at a confectionery shop and today I am handling a business worth millions of Dollar. Have it take too much time in the middle? Not at all! It’s just a decade only! If only a decade of hard work can take a settler to a standing position, how can I say that there is no possibility in this city? Yes! Not only is there potential in this city, but there is more that the city is ready to give, but we are not ready to receive at all! We should open the world of our thought. Around a thousand new people arrive in this city every day, and no one has to return empty-handed. Everyone is building new heights by meeting their own needs. We should also take part in it. We should also get whatever we want from this endless treasure. At the same time we should constantly set new targets and touch those repeatedly.”

This country is really called the country of possibilities for such people! Inspired by them, the desire to be engaged awakens in the service of the country, in the service of the people. At one time there was a dearth of people living a life of words and deeds, but now it seems that the number is dwindling. At the same time, the number of frustrated people is decreasing. We hope that such Bangladesh will be built where one good citizen lives in every house here. In the role of a savior, in every home, someone is busy with some initiatives. We want to keep our eyes on the future in the hope that our society, the people of our country will become more responsible. We want to see more successful people in the coming days. The country wins when they win. Riding on whose shoulders, we dream of the self-reliant Bangladesh!