The corona may hit the market in September

Scientist around the world are trying to discover a vaccine for corona virus. Competition is going on who will make this antidote first.Clinical trial also have begun in several countries.However,the researchers of Oxford university are ahead in this race. They say, they are very hopeful that the covid 19 vaccine hit the market in next September.

Oxford stated the word of making vaccine for corona virus before others.The generic institute of Oxford university began developing the vaccine for corona virus in January after very first outbreak of corona virus in Wuhan,China.

Researchers of Oxford university already have developed a vaccine for a virus similar to Covid 19.It has made them confident for developing a vaccine of corona virus.A professor of vaccineology  of Oxford university Dr.Sarah Gilbert said that they are enough confident to develop a vaccine for corona virus because they have use this technology in our previous research.

They also got success in such type of research.The generic material of corona virus has been taken to make a vaccine for it.Later,it was seen as an injection into a common cold. It was seen that the virus has become inactive. Also seen that that virus has lost the ability of spread among  human body.

They are very much hopeful about their success in corona vaccine research.If they will successful,it will be the great news for the world.Because the world has stop due to pandemic corona virus.Economy of modern world already being destroyed.