Other factories are also opening apart-from garments

Apart from export oriented garments,other industries are also being start at the risk of corona infection.Starting from state-owned jute mills,re-rolling,cement,cables,tanneries,packing ,footwear and other types of factories have started partially or full-fledged production.

Some of garments workers already have effected by corona virus due to non-compliance with hygiene and guidelines.Worker’s leader fear that the workers in other industries also may effected by this virus.They complain that the department of factory and establishment inspection(DIFE) and industrial police aren’t so much concerned about the wealth of other factories workers like garments industries.

The ministry of public administration informed on 23 April  that the authority can start all types of industries by ensuring the health and safety of workers.Following that the garment factory was opened on 26 April.Then other factories will stared to open.

According to industrial police,there are 7,602 factories in Savar,Ashulia,Narayongonj,Chittagong,Mymensing and khulna. Among these,2,592 industries were in production on Saturday. Of these,1,680 are in garments and textile sector.The number of other factories are 912.

The Superintended of police at the industrial police headquarters Mr.Amzad Hossain said that our officers are supervising all of factories.Wherever the rules are being violets,operation is being carried out.

Almost of all the factories workers are in under the poor livelihood.They have no sources of income without working in factories.As the factories were remain closed from almost last one month,they suffers a lot because they have not enough savings that they can carry-on their lives by staying at home.

In the issue of opening the factories,the research director of the center for policy Dialogue,a private research institute Mr.Khondokar Golam Moazzem said that health risk have been created in all industries.In this situation,the ministry of health,DIFE and industrial police have to tale effective initiatives to ensure the health and safety of the workers.