European’s are getting well day by day from Covid-19

Corona virus pandemic is the greatest threat for the present world.People all over the world being wend to fight with corona virus pandemic.Which is also known as Covid-19 all over the world. Covid-19 is one the species among the Corona order.

This is a RNA virus which directly effect the respiratory system’s centre lugs.This virus is capable to produce asphyxia ,which leads a person in the way of death bell.All over the world mainly European countries like Italy,France,Spain,Germany are the worst sufferers.Thousands of case have detected  countries.

The worst news is also thousands of people have lost their lives.These countries have a great confusion what they should do such situation.They undergo lockdown and also they undergo several steps but they are hopeless.

But the good news is now-a-days the case detection and the number of death being reduced. Hopefully, they are being recovered day by day.Italy is the worst sufferers in the world.The good news is they are being overcome day by day.The case detection rate is reduced significantly.Their death rate also reduced which is the blessing news for all over the world.Spain is also recovering day by day.Their case detection and death rate also decreased.

France and Germany are also going on the track.But their economical situation and other fields have been destroyed during this pandemic situation.Many of the people have lost their roots, relatives, neighbours. There is a possibility that they will faced the shortage of food, jobs and also basic demands.They are going faced another crisis like foods, jobs, essentials demands.

Still now, their main targets is to control the Corona virus pandemic and reduced the risk of effected tend to zero. The hope is the rate of detection and death in European countries being reduced.