The World Best Places to Visit 2020

The globe is finally getting free, the novel corona is coming to end. Eagerly. the world is now regaining to its old glow. In the session of lockdown, Bali has to face billion of losses. Moreover, Bali will witness of guest after six months. Additionally, the provincial government reopens the ” Land of God” from the 11th of September in 2020.  Here is one point to remember, This offer is just for local visitors because the international flight still banned. Soon Bali island will again become of the best place of enjoyment.

Tourism of Bali island hit hard e

So the veil has lifted, and a glimpse of  Bali island comes forward. in 2010, Bali received a tag of island and UNESCO heritage site..the viral outbreak hit a backbone of Indonesia’s” Backbone”. Nevertheless, Bali welcomed the millions of foreigners for exploring the beaches, the rice fields, and the Hindus temple every year.  Last year almost 60 million visiter come on Bali and gave 80 percent contribution to the tourism economy.

8 Best places for enchanting your trip

AS you know, the world is a sparking island. if you will arrange the list of all islands. Bali is standing in the first position. the Land of beauty and lad of God is most sizzling and fabulous. From the 117 islands of Bali is the top other. Now, this is the backbone of Indonesia’s income on the island. Because Bali gives a lot of activity. visited can not have spare time behind. They can engage themselves in suffering, hiking,  Jungle swing, cycling, and boating. However, here is the world’s largest water park for lots of fun. From the bulk of places, we have chosen some of the most attractive places to enjoy in 2020.

Pura Tanah Lot

so it is a very important question, of what is the starting destination in bail?. I am advising you to start your journey from this significant seashore temple. this is a spiritual Hinduism destination but it has so pretty scene that viewers of all religions did not miss the point. standing on a huge cliff, this rocky temple received the largest number of visitors. Before you start your journey, please wore a complete dress sarong and sash as a symbol of respect. Moreover, Before sunset, the place is best for you and come back between 6 PM to &7PM. This is the most famous and most populated temple in all seven temples of Bali.

Uluwatu Temple

This is the second number, in the list seven best temples. it is also located on a high cliff above the sea. interestingly. here is a strict belief that the Uluwatu temple guarding the Bali against sea evil sprits. Moreover, the wandered monkey are protecting the entrance of the temple. That is why the visiter give lots of instruction to avoid monkeys. Moreover, they did not enter the building. the only worshiper can go inside. This location is 25 kilometers from Kuta. indeed if you are a photographer have a passion for the shoot. this pretty scenery is really ideal for you.

Ubud Monkey Forest

This one is the best destination for animals especially monkey lovers and wants to have a shoot with monkeys. According to the statistic of 2011, the total number of monkeys are all type of species of monkey 605 live in the park. Moreover, local people called them Balinese long-tailed monkeys.  Although these monkeys feed three-time and visiter gave them food excitement.

If you are visiting the park, we have advised you please take care of your expensive things. They can snatch you all wearing items. if you want to save you wristwatch, mobile, necklace, and handbags, keep a strong and tight grip over these warning. If you have a handbag you should have extra care of it.

Mount Batur

our next destination is relevant to hiking tracks in Bali. Almost daily 200 people included local and foreigner climb up the rocks track. Moreover, this is a hilly track that is very difficult to climb up. it takes approximately 2 hours without staying in any place. this is a quicker way to reach the top. At the top of the location, the hikers are the witness of an active volcano and its amazing scenic view of the sunset. The hikers are the only struggle for the scenery. it is 1,717 meters high above from sea level.

Bali Wake Park

Asia’s largest water park is waiting for you in Bali. here is a wide water park capturing 5-hectare consists of lakes and swimming pools alongside with mangrove. Moreover, in these lakes, you can have various water sports activities. The most famous is the Aqualand, waterboarding, and rest in the bunkhouse. here is the pool bar, cable cafes, and pro shop also to enhance your trip.

 Lovina – Black Sands

There is a deep and dark black beach in the north Bali beach. Therefore Bali has the distinction of being among three types found here. According to the geologist, in fact, this cool lava of Bali’s most famous volcano named Mount Agung. However, this beach is the caption of a dark and black look.

 Kuta Beach – White Sand Beach

Along with the black sand beach, white-sand beaches are the most spectacular view in Bali island in Indonesia. This is another relaxing place and water sports game like surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

Balangan Beach – Stunning Golden Sands

The third shed sand can be seen on Balangan beach. originally, this is a continuous part of  Uluwatu beaches. you can better have a scooter that should be taken on rent.

Tibumana waterfall 

Tibumana waterfall is a hidden gem of Bali and other impressive places to visit. The water in this waterfall is not too clean for swimming. if you did not see this waterfall your trip will uncomputable.


Bali is a very deep and attentive land. Here are various things to do in Bali. although this list is very short as soon as we will bring another article for more attraction. This exotic land on the globe and huge content can be written on its beauty.