Deepika charges 22 crores

Deepika Padukone is one of the first Bollywood actresses of this time. He is also quite advanced in terms of driving wages.

This time Deepika is going to act opposite Prabhas, the famous hero of ‘Bahubali’. In the meantime, the audience has come to know about the acting of this actress with Prabhas. At present, discussions are going on about Dipikar’s salary in this film.

How much is his salary in this film? If you know, the eyes of many will rise to the forehead! According to an Indian media source, Deepika is taking a salary of Rs 20 crore to act with Bahubali. Which is more than 22 crores in Bangladeshi rupees.

Now this heroine gets paid just like the heroes of the movie. However, Prabhas is taking Rs 50 crore to act in this film.

This will be the first movie of Prabhas and Deepika. The actress recently wrote on Instagram, expressing her feelings about acting in the movie, ‘I am very excited. I believe this is going to be a wonderful journey for us. I am waiting for the shooting to start. ‘

The movie is directed by Nag Ashwin. Ashwini Dutt, Swapan Dutt and Priyanka Dutt are producing the movie under the banner of ‘Vijayanti Movies’.